Sharing the Search

My new year’s resolution is ‘Screw connectivity, post more’, so hold me to it!

I joined GGGI because I believe that the dominant economic models of our time are broken and that our future lies in evolving new models. That’s easy to say, but is it a utopian ideal where we have our cake and eat it? More seasoned professionals who have worked on economic development will tell me it’s not possible, that it’s all been tried before and what we have is the only choice.

But what if it’s not? I am a dreamer, but also as an engineer, I’m grounded in practicality. The only way we’ll find out if it’s possible is to act as if it were and see what happens. That’s what excites me about Ethiopia – there is a genuine desire to do it, to find a new way of growing, that is sustainable without compromising. I don’t have the answers, but no one does – that is the very nature of a paradigm shift. You can’t comprehend it until you’ve been through it.

So, in the spirit of my new year’s resolution, I will attempt to share the journey, to open up the search – a thousand mile journey begins with a single step, this is mine.